Voting for Chairman Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy in April Council Polls: The Perfect Birthday Gift


In the bustling city of Ogbomoso, anticipation mounts as the April 27 council polls draw near. Among the candidates vying for re-election stands a figure revered for his unwavering commitment to progress and unity: Price Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy. As the community prepares to cast their votes, many are hailing their support as the ultimate birthday gift for the beloved leader.

For Chairman of Ogbomoso South local government, Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy, whose birthday coincides with the upcoming elections, the outpouring of support from constituents serves as a poignant reminder of the trust and confidence placed in his leadership. Born and raised in Ogbomoso South, Chairman Timothy’s journey into politics was driven by a deep-seated desire to uplift his community and foster positive change.

Throughout his tenure, Chairman Timothy has been a steadfast advocate for progress and inclusivity. Under his guidance, numerous initiatives have been implemented to address pressing issues such as infrastructure development, healthcare access, and education enhancement. His hands-on approach and genuine concern for the welfare of residents have earned him widespread admiration and respect.

As the April council polls approach, residents of Ogbomoso South are rallying behind Hon Oyedokun Timothy, viewing their votes as the perfect birthday gift to express gratitude for his tireless efforts in advancing the community’s interests. From bustling marketplaces to serene neighborhoods, conversations buzz with excitement as constituents pledge their support for the incumbent chairman.

One resident, Mrs. Adeooba Oyeyemi, expressed her unwavering support for Hon Oyedokun Timothy and his running mate Alhaja Mujidat, stating, “Voting for Chairman Timothy is the best way to honor his dedication and commitment to our community. His leadership has brought positive change to our lives, and re-electing him for a second term is the least we can do to show our appreciation.”

Echoing Mrs. Adeyemi’s sentiments, Mr. Tunde Adegoke emphasized the importance of continuity in leadership, asserting, “Chairman Timothy has demonstrated his ability to lead with integrity and vision. Giving him another term in office will ensure that the progress we’ve experienced continues unabated.”

Chairman Timothy’s campaign resonates deeply with constituents, focusing on a platform of continued development, inclusivity, and empowerment. Through town hall meetings, door-to-door canvassing, and community outreach programs, his team works tirelessly to engage with voters and address their concerns.

Reflecting on the significance of the upcoming elections, Chairman Timothy expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received from the community. He remarked, “To receive the gift of trust and confidence from the people of Ogbomoso South on my birthday is truly humbling. If re-elected, I am committed to building upon the progress we have made and ensuring a brighter future for all.”

As election day approaches, the sentiment pervading Ogbomoso South is one of hope and optimism. Residents eagerly anticipate the opportunity to cast their votes and demonstrate their appreciation for Chairman Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy’s leadership. For many, the act of voting serves not only as a civic duty but also as a heartfelt birthday gesture to honor a leader dedicated to the betterment of their community.

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