Hon. Olamijuwonlo Alao Akala Calls for Justice in Damilola Iyanda’s Tragic Demise.


In a poignant and impassioned plea within the esteemed halls of the Nigerian Parliament, Honorable Olamijuwonlo Alao Akala, representing Ogbomoso North, South, and Orire federal constituency, moved a motion for justice in the tragic demise of Damilola Iyanda, a dedicated Corp member serving his nation.

Damilola Iyanda’s promising life was cruelly cut short on April 23rd, 2024, in the Under G area of Ogbomoso, Oyo State, at the hands of the monitoring unit of the Oyo State Police Command. The news of his untimely passing sent shockwaves throughout the country, leaving his elderly parents, family, and friends enveloped in profound sorrow.

Prompted by a fervent desire for justice, Honorable Olamijuwonlo Alao Akala took swift action, meeting with the Nigeria Police Force Area Commander in Ogbomoso, ACP Adigun. Assurances were made of a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding Damilola’s death, with the suspension of the implicated officers pending the outcome.

However, for Honorable Akala, mere assurances were not sufficient. In a stirring address before his parliamentary colleagues, he emphasized the imperative of holding all responsible parties accountable for Damilola’s tragic demise. His impassioned plea resonated with the gravity of the situation, as he vowed to relentlessly pursue justice for the fallen Corp member.

The presentation of the petition before the Nigerian Parliament marks a significant step in the quest for justice. Honorable Akala’s unwavering commitment to the cause reflects the collective sentiment of a nation mourning the loss of yet another promising youth.

As the investigation unfolds and the wheels of justice begin to turn, the eyes of the nation are fixed firmly on the outcome. The memory of Damilola Iyanda serves as a poignant reminder of the need to safeguard the lives and futures of Nigeria’s youth, and the importance of holding accountable those entrusted with their protection.

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