Biogas: Gov Makinde, Seun Ashamu Propelling Oyo State Into Era Of Energy Independence


In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria’s energy transformation,Governor Seyi Makinde has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to propel Oyo State into an era of unparalleled energy independence.

His visionary leadership is evident in the strategic emphasis on practical solutions, notably the innovative use of biogas and organic waste for power generation.

This transformative approach is not just a response to immediate energy challenges but a comprehensive strategy to secure Oyo’s energy future.

The initiatives undertaken by Governor Makinde’s administration showcase a steadfast commitment to sustainable energy infrastructure.

A prime example is the conversion of street lights to solar in designated areas, a move that not only illuminates the state but also sets a precedent for eco-friendly urban development.

The seamless father and son relationship between Governor Makinde and Commissioner Ashamu exemplifies a harmonious partnership dedicated to reshaping Oyo State’s energy landscape.

Their collective efforts go beyond immediate objectives, aiming to position Oyo as a trailblazer in energy innovation, not just regionally but on the national stage.

Through visionary leadership and practical initiatives, Governor Seyi Makinde is not only illuminating Oyo but also paving the way for a sustainable energy future.

Oyo Amebo is a social and political commentator

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