Ogbo South LG Chair, Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy, Acts Swiftly to Rescue Ailing Constituents


In a commendable display of compassion and swift action, Chairman Ogbomoso South Local Government, Hon Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy, emerged as a guardian angel for distressed constituents facing medical emergencies.

The day’s events unfolded at the council secretariat, where a distressed mother sought assistance for her son, Mr. Amole Solomon, following a severe accident in Lagos State. Responding promptly, Chairman Timothy visited Mr. Solomon at the LAUTECH TEACHING HOSPITAL, ensuring the clearance of his medical bills and paving the way for his necessary operation.

However, the chairman’s commitment did not stop there. Two more constituents, Mr. Ojo John and Mr. Ojewale Olusoji, both grappling with financial challenges due to accidents, were identified during the hospital visit. Mr. John, facing the aftermath of an accident, and Mr. Olusoji, confined for months due to unresolved medical bill complications, found themselves on the brink of despair.

Without hesitation, Chairman Timothy took decisive action. He facilitated the clearance of medical bills for both Mr. Ojo John and Mr. Ojewale Olusoji. Mr. John received crucial financial support to alleviate the burden of unexpected medical expenses, while Mr. Olusoji, after months of anticipation, was finally liberated from the hospital’s confines as the chairman resolved the lingering backlogs of his medical costs.

Chairman Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of his constituents shines as a beacon of hope in the community, showcasing leadership that extends beyond administrative duties to genuine care for the people he serves.

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