How Oyo State Ministry Of Energy & Mineral Resources Becoming A Model For Others


As the political epicenter of the southwest, Oyo State stands as a beacon of good governance and visionary leadership under the steadfast guidance of Governor Seyi Makinde .

The state is not only positioning itself as “first among equals” but is also solidifying its prominent place in the annals of political history.

Governor Makinde’s unwavering commitment to progressive governance sets an example for other states to emulate.

The effects of this resounding commitment are reverberating throughout Oyo State, transforming it into a shining example for others to follow.

The driving force behind this transformative vision is the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, led by the dedicated Commissioner, Honourable Seun Ashamu.

Oyo State is reaping the rewards of a government that places its people at the forefront and prioritizes their well-being.

The “Light-UP Project” initiated by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, OYSG stands as a testament to this unwavering dedication to progress and innovation.

The impact of this visionary project is so profound that neighboring states like Ogun are now looking to follow in Oyo’s footsteps.

Ogun State’s Governor, Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun – MFR , has recognized the wisdom of establishing a ministry that will focus on Energy and Mineral Resources, inspired by Oyo’s groundbreaking efforts.

This remarkable initiative serves as a shining model of good governance, demonstrating the profound impact a government can have on the lives of its citizens.

Oyo State, under the leadership of Governor Seyi Makinde and the visionary stewardship of Commissioner Seun Ashamu, is a true inspiration for the entire nation.

It showcases the potential of vibrant youth leadership and serves as a guiding light for all states that aspire to prioritize their people’s well-being and progress.

Oyo Amebo is a social and political commentator, he writes from Ibadan.

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