Ogbo South: Oyedokun Oyeniyi Emerges PDP Chairmanship Candidate Unopposed with Unanimous Delegate Votes


In a resounding display of confidence and support, Hon. Oyedokun Oyeniyi today emerged as the Ogbomoso South Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairmanship candidate unopposed during the party’s primary elections held at Ogbomoso South Local Government Secretariat.

With an overwhelming endorsement from party delegates, Hon. Oyedokun Oyeniyi received an astounding 100% of the votes cast.

The primary election was characterized by a palpable atmosphere of enthusiasm and unity among PDP members. The party delegates, representing various wards in local government area, gathered to exercise their democratic right and select their preferred candidate to lead the party in the forthcoming elections.

Amidst cheering and chants of support, Hon. Oyedokun Oyeniyi took to the stage to express his gratitude to the delegates and all party members for their unwavering faith in his leadership. He promised to work tirelessly to strengthen the PDP within Ogbomoso South and to prioritize the welfare and aspirations of the people.

Hon. Oyeniyi’s emergence as the sole candidate is a testament to his popularity and track record of service within the party and the community. He has long been regarded as a unifying figure within the PDP, working to bridge gaps and foster inclusivity among members.

Speaking with members of the press shortly after the election, Hon. Oyeniyi said, “I am humbled by the unanimous vote of confidence bestowed upon me by the esteemed delegates of Ogbomoso South. This is a clear mandate to further the objectives of our great party and to ensure that we continue to stand strong and united.”

He further pledged to promote transparency, accountability, and participatory governance within the party, adding that the victory was not just his alone but a collective triumph for the entire PDP in Ogbomoso South.

Party leaders among who were Hon Taiwo Alagbe have already expressed their joy and satisfaction with the outcome of the primary election, describing it as a significant step towards consolidating the PDP’s position in the local government area.

As the PDP officially presents Hon. Oyedokun Oyeniyi as its Chairmanship candidate for the upcoming elections, the party hopes to harness the goodwill and support he has received to secure a resounding victory in the polls.

With the primary elections now concluded, the focus of the PDP in Ogbomoso South shifts to mobilizing support and galvanizing resources for the forthcoming elections, with Hon. Oyedokun Oyeniyi at the forefront of their efforts to take the party to new heights.

The Ogbomoso South PDP candidate, unopposed and with a unanimous vote from delegates, seems poised to continue his journey of service to the party and the people, promising to lead with integrity and dedication.

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