An Open letter to HE, Engr Seyi Makinde on Promoting Ethical Rewards for Youth Politicians from Ogbomoso – Femi Ajiboye


An Open letter to HE, Engr Seyi Makinde on Promoting Ethical Rewards for Youth Politicians from Ogbomoso

Dear Governor Seyi Makinde,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your relentless efforts in promoting youth empowerment and inclusive governance across Oyo State. As a concerned citizen from the Ogbomoso community, I want to particularly acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Chief of Staff, Otunba Segun Ogunwuyi, whose appointment and re-appointment and unwavering support have demonstrated his commitment to the development of young politicians.

First and foremost, I would like to commend you for recognizing the potential and capabilities of the youth in our society. Your administration’s focus on nurturing young leaders and providing them with opportunities to participate in politics is truly commendable. It is through this vision that the state has witnessed the rise of talented individuals who are dedicated to serving their communities.

Chief of Staff Ogunwuyi’s appointment has been an inspiration for many aspiring youth politicians in Ogbomoso. His demonstrated competence, integrity, and devotion to the betterment of our community have set a remarkable example. His leadership has not only provided young politicians with a voice but has also encouraged them to actively engage in governance, amplifying their ideas, concerns, and solutions.

In light of Chief of Staff, Ogunwuyi’s positive influence and the significance of his role as a mentor to young politicians, I would like to draw your attention to the importance of ethical rewards and recognition for the youth from our community who actively engage in politics. It is crucial that their efforts and achievements are acknowledged and celebrated, as this will further motivate them to continue their pursuit of positive change.

As the Governor of Oyo State, you hold the power to shape policies and initiatives that can create a more inclusive and progressive political environment for all citizens, especially the youth. Ogbomoso, being a vibrant and politically active community, has produced numerous talented and dedicated young politicians who have shown immense promise and commitment to serving their constituents. It is crucial that their efforts and contributions are acknowledged and rewarded in a fair and ethical manner.

Governor Makinde, I would like to highlight the following key points that support the need for ethical rewards for youth politicians in Ogbomoso:

Fostering Youth Engagement: Recognizing and rewarding the achievements of youth politicians will inspire other young individuals to actively participate in politics. Ethical rewards will help promote a positive political culture and encourage greater youth engagement in the democratic process.

Nurturing Leadership Skills: By acknowledging the hard work and dedication of young politicians, we encourage them to further develop their leadership skills and capabilities. Ethical rewards will provide them with the necessary motivation to continue their endeavors and contribute meaningfully to the development of Ogbomoso and our state as a whole.

Building Trust and Transparency: Fair and ethical rewards demonstrate the commitment of our government to transparency and accountability. They build trust among young politicians and the general public, fostering an environment where political processes are seen as just and impartial.

Retaining Local Talent: Ogbomoso has witnessed a steady exodus of talented youth due to the limited opportunities and recognition available to them. By implementing ethical rewards for youth politicians, we can incentivize these bright minds to stay within our community, thereby bolstering our local talent pool and driving progress from within.

Governor Makinde, I understand that you have already taken commendable steps in promoting youth participation in politics and governance through various programs and initiatives. I applaud your efforts in this regard and urge you to consider the establishment of a structured framework for ethical rewards for youth politicians in Ogbomoso. This framework should include clear criteria, transparent selection processes, and appropriate recognition for their accomplishments.

I kindly request that you consider the following suggestions as potential measures to implement this framework:

Establish a Youth Recognition Committee: Form a committee comprising experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds, including politics, academia, and civil society, to oversee the selection and recognition process. This committee should be responsible for evaluating the achievements of youth politicians and determining the deserving candidates for ethical rewards.

Define Clear Criteria: Develop comprehensive criteria that outline the qualities, achievements, and contributions that should be considered when evaluating youth politicians. These criteria should be fair, transparent, and aligned with the principles of good governance.

Provide Inclusive Rewards: Ensure that the rewards offered are inclusive and encompass a range of benefits. These may include scholarships, mentorship opportunities, internships, access to professional networks, and support for community development projects. The rewards should be tailored to the needs and aspirations of young politicians, nurturing their growth and enhancing their capacity to serve effectively.

Engage Stakeholders: Engage Stakeholders from Ogbomoso to identify young and vibrant members of the party, not only money bags when making nominations for appointment.

Resource Allocation: Allocate resources specifically dedicated to supporting the initiatives and campaigns of young politicians, enabling them to effectively address the needs of their constituents and implement projects that enhance community development.

By implementing these measures, Your Excellency, you will further encourage and empower young politicians from Ogbomoso, ensuring their commitment to ethical practices and active participation in governance. Such steps will undoubtedly contribute to the progress of our community and help create a brighter future for Oyo State as a whole.

Once again, I express my deepest gratitude to you, Governor Seyi Makinde, for your visionary leadership and commitment to youth empowerment. Your dedication to promoting inclusive governance will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy.

Thank you for your time and attention. I eagerly look forward to witnessing the positive impact of your administration’s continued support for the youth politicians from the Ogbomoso community in Omititun 2.0

Yours sincerely,
Femi Ajiboye.

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