2023 Elections: Vote for a candidate that will promote unity of Nigeria – Seyi Makinde


The Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde, has enjoined voters in Oyo state to vote for a presidential candidate that will promote the Unity of Nigeria.

Governor Seyi stated this during the gubernatorial candidate debate grilled by Edmund Obilo at the Splash/LageluFm, where 4 other Oyo governorship candidates were present. This was held on 22nd February 2023.

He said, ” people should vote for our senators; they should
Vote for our reps and for the presidential candidates; they should vote for unity of Nigeria and inclusivity for Nigeria.”

He added that people should vote for PDP senatorial and house of representatives candidates.

Also, he implored that the citizens should not to kill themselves because of any politician, including him; as political parties will come and go but state and country will remain.

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