Abass Lawal Ogooluwa/Surulere HOA member hopeful come 2023 has clear the the air on why he’s come to participate in politics.

The young engineer made it known in an interview with our news crew, the the quality representation that had been long over due in the history of Ogooluwa/Surulere State Constituency is what is ready to change for better.

According to him, ” the collective interest and well-being of people in my constituency would form the nucleus of my representation and I want you to note this that i will never betray the confidence to repose in me by the party and our constituency if I’m given the opportunity to represent them.”

He said the constituency need to move forward and that only need a paradigm shift from what used to be to innovative and professional approach spearheaded by a professional like me and with the help of other professional distinguished in the constituency can make it happen.

LAMP as fondly called by his followers said, “fresh mind with progressive ideas and professionals like him are to be involved for better service to the public. This is the reality coupled with the fact that I decided to heed the call of my people to represent them at the state assembly.

To affirm how ready and prepared Engineer Abass is, a Constituent namely Akindele Oladayo spoke with our crew and said “Long before he (Abass) threw his hat in the ring to contest the House of Assembly seat, he has been a grassroots politician, very close to us in the Constituency , and he has never missed his twice in a month visit he does to the Constituency, to meet with we Constituents, hear our needs, and he has done the little he could to improve many a lives.”

While according to another Constituent who represents the students said, “when you look at the credibility of candidates, Engineer Abass Lawal has credibility because God has helped him a lot. He’s born and bred in a political house. So, in his hands we’re safed at state assembly. And that’s why we’re ready to vote for him”

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