Barr. Seun Ashamu: A Genius Invoking Innovations through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. – Part I By Akinloluwa Akinbode


Administration in both private and public sectors is believed to be a process of managing and overseeing the activities of an organization to achieve its goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. This process and act is essentially based on some core values such as; commitment, adaptability, professionalism and innovation.

At inception, the administration of His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde in Oyo State, established the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as an avenue to deliver on some of his cardinal points of improving the standard of healthcare system, standard of living and also improving the security architecture to pave the way for investors and job creation. It is noteworthy that the ministry saddles power, oil and gas, and works hand-in-hand with the Agency for Mineral Resources.

Perhaps, it was so expected that the nomination and appointment of a trained and certified lawyer of both the British and Nigerian Bars, to manage affairs at the monotonous and newly established Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources would be a tedious and onerous task. An office with no preceding template or predecessor.

However, the genius in Barr. Seun Ashamu proved all in doubt wrong beyond reasonable doubts with the laudable performance and standards being put in place by the trailblazing Ministry under his leadership. His performance exudes high level intellectual ability, creativity, vision and delivery of the state government’s policies and campaign promises.

The Light Up Oyo, being the pilot project of the Ministry spanning more than two hundred and forty kilometres (240km) is often applauded by many, as this innovation alone has added more value to our society in terms of night commerce, more productivity on the part of those with tasks as they seem to have a longer time to meet up, with no reason for fear of the dark, motorists and riders plying all routes with confidence (some without putting on headlights) and traders are seen still making extra trade and more money till the later hours of the day. The security factor can not be easily swept aside too, as there is drastic less report of burglary in markets and other commercial areas. Aside from the aforementioned impacts, the project also aids learning and reading in many parts of the state, as students of primary to tertiary levels are always seen studying under the lights.
…. To be continued

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