Leadership. Capacity: The Story of Hon. Seun Ashamu


To the people who have less interest in him, what he does and his political opponents, they saw the pioneer commissioner of the ministry of energy and solid minerals as a man who secured the keys to the ministry in Oyo state on an influence but what they never envisaged was that competence would keep him on the job. Governor’s Seyi Makinde is not one who rewards incompetence and mediocrity and this has been shown from the past records and more reasons Hon. Seun Ashamu was reappointed and retained as the commissioner of the ministry to continue the good work he has been doing in the ministry.

This man came in into a newly created ministry and set the bar so high that whoever will be his successor after the completion of Omituntun 2.0 in 2027 will not be able to meet up with. I will wager that he will still be consulted on certain matters.

He came and his presence is felt in all the 33 local government areas of the state. This is what competence is!

Sitting across the table on that bustling evening of Ibadan at his office, I saw a man who is passionate about what he does. A man who derives joy in ensuring that the ministry under his watch has their presence felt in all the 33 local government areas of Oyo State.

The media parley allowed answers provided to many different questions the people of state had been asking. The journalists present didn’t come to spare the commissioner and he, too, ensured no questions was less answered or not answered to at all.

It is noteworthy that the ministry of energy and mineral resources under his watch is not all about Light Up Oyo State; a program with about 124 sub-stations which ensured major roads are well lit for night businesses and night security for the people of the State and travellers. The ministry has also embarked on powering 23 primary health centres with gas and solar, mini grids which have connected over 24 communities to be served with power.

The pioneer commissioner who is a silent achiever revels in his ability to ensure that the ministry taps into the solid minerals industry and ensure that it fully maximised the mineral resources abound the nooks and crannies of state being on the exclusive list, and as the owner of the land the State stands a better chance of benefitting from the employment opportunities and revenue generation and amongst others it offers.

The honourable commissioner also seized the opportunity of the media parley to appeal to the people of the State to avoid vandalism of concrete bases, cables, poles and others as act as vandalism tips the wheels of progress backwards.


Mariam Ọláìtán (Her Royal Excellency) writes from Ogbomoso North.

She can be reached via mariamtaofeek@gmail.com

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