Hon Damilare Sunday Olusanjo’s DSO Helping Hands Foundation Awards Scholarships to Ogbomoso Students


In a heartwarming ceremony, Honorable Damilare Sunday Olusanjo, also known as DSO (BSQUARE), the former House of Assembly aspirant for Ogbomoso’s North Local Government, and his team at the DSO Helping Hands Foundation, awarded scholarships to several deserving Ogbomoso students. These scholarships promise to cover each student’s school fees from Junior Secondary School 1 (JSS1) until Senior Secondary School 3 (SS3), ensuring a bright educational future for the beneficiaries.

In a special gesture of support and goodwill, Honorable Damilare Sunday Olusanjo invited Honorable George Ogunlade, the PDP party chairman candidate for Ogbomoso North Local Government Council in 2024, to join in presenting the scholarship confirmation letters and the paid school fees to the schools selected by the scholarship beneficiaries.

Both the BSQUARE Team and the grateful parents of the scholarship recipients attended the heartening ceremony, where the confirmation letters and school fees were handed over to the chosen schools. The event was marked by a sense of unity and purpose in the community.

The following are the names of the beneficiaries and their chosen schools:

Adeleye Matthew – Anglican Model College (AMCO) as his preferred school of choice.
Mutiu Gafar – Aitch America Model College for his education.
Taiwo Quadri – Akbarudeen College as his preferred school.

The warmth and encouragement received from the schools during the visits were truly inspirational. The words of encouragement and prayers from the educational institutions have provided further motivation to Honorable Damilare Sunday Olusanjo and the DSO Helping Hands Foundation to continue their humanitarian support to the community, knowing that together, they can make a significant impact.

Honorable George Ogunlade, during his speech, motivated the beneficiaries, urging them to focus on their studies and strive to make the foundation, their parents, and the community proud with their achievements.

Honorable Damilare Sunday Olusanjo expressed his sincere appreciation to all those present, underscoring the importance of continuing to support and uplift one another, recognizing that equal opportunities are not afforded to everyone. This heartwarming initiative serves as a beacon of hope, emphasizing the power of collective efforts in transforming lives and making a positive impact on the community.

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