Gunju Ojo Extends Warm Congratulations and Felicitations to the New Soun of Ogbomoso Land


In a momentous and joyous occasion that marks the continuation of a rich cultural heritage, the former Speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Gunju Ojo, has extended his heartfelt congratulations and warm felicitations to the newly crowned Soun of Ogbomoso Land, Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege 111, as he officially assumes the revered throne today.

Rt Hon Gunju Ojo, a distinguished leader and a staunch advocate for the progress and development of Ogbomoso, expressed his profound joy and pride in witnessing this momentous occasion. He highlighted the significance of a united Ogbomoso under the leadership of Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege |||, emphasizing the need for continued cooperation and support to further elevate the region.

In a statement, Rt Hon Gunju Ojo said, “Today, we celebrate not just the ascension of a new monarch but also the promise of a brighter future for Ogbomoso. Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege 111, with his wisdom and dedication, will undoubtedly lead our land to greater heights. Let us unite, rally behind our new Soun, and work together for the prosperity of Ogbomoso.”

In a remarkable display of tradition, culture, and unity, the indomitable Ogbomoso community will gather in their thousands to witness the coronation of Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege ||| as the 27th Soun of Ogbomoso.

As Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege ||| takes his place on the revered throne, the Ogbomoso community stands united, ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Rt Hon Gunju Ojo, along with the entire Ogbomoso populace, extends their warmest wishes to the new Soun, Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege 111, as he embarks on this noble journey of leadership, preserving the cherished heritage of Ogbomoso and forging a path towards a brighter future.

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