Progress Check: Ongoing Road Rehabilitation Project Inspected in Ogbomoso South


A determined stride towards bolstering the road infrastructure of Ogbomoso South was witnessed today as a meticulous inspection of the ongoing road rehabilitation project along the Ojude Ajaawa – Akunko area took place by the council chairman, Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy.

With a resolute commitment to uplifting the transportation networks, Hon Oyedokun, led the inspection to evaluate the headway of the infrastructure development. The primary objective of the visit was to ensure that the project’s advancement remained harmonious with the overarching vision of breathing new life into the roads within the council area.

Amidst the backdrop of bustling activity and dedicated efforts, the inspection served as a pivotal juncture to gauge the trajectory of the rehabilitation endeavor. Accompanied by members of his cabinet and stakeholders, the council chairman left no stone unturned in assessing the progress achieved thus far.

The inspection also underscored the collective aspiration for better connectivity and smoother transit experiences for the residents of Ogbomoso South.

As the project advances, the anticipation for an improved road network in the Ojude Ajaawa – Akunko area gains momentum. With this recent inspection, Hon Oyedokun affirm his dedication to materializing the vision of revitalized and rehabilitated roads that will undoubtedly contribute to the overall development of Ogbomoso South.

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