Oyo-Born Chef Tope Maggie Embarks on Guinness World Records Endorsed “Cook-A-Thon” for Hunger Relief and Sustainable Development


Renowned chef Prince Adebayo Ayodeji Temitope, popularly known as Tope Maggie, hailing from Oyo state, has received official endorsement from Guinness World Records for an international innovative community initiative titled “Cook-A-Thon.” The project aims to address the pressing issues of hunger and sustainable development, making a significant impact on society.

In a statement released by project spokesperson Benjamineze Orji, Chef Tope Maggie’s substantial contributions in the realms of food security, youth sustainable development, and professional culinary training have earned him recognition. The “Cook-A-Thon,” a culinary marathon supervised by Guinness World Records, will run for 8 days (200 hours) starting from November 9th, 2023.

The initiative is set to distribute nutritious meals to disadvantaged individuals and families facing food insecurity throughout its duration. Additionally, it seeks to raise awareness about sustainable practices and encourage mindful consumption among participants and the wider community.

The project’s team is reaching out to individuals, community groups, and corporate entities for financial support amounting to Fifty million Naira. These funds will cover various project expenses, including the procurement of certified cooking facilities, equipment, utensils, and food items, ensuring the initiative’s success. Donors’ generosity will be recognized across all project-related communications, including press releases, social media updates, and web content. Furthermore, contributors will receive invitations to a special event celebrating the accomplishments of the initiative.

Through Chef Tope Maggie’s dedication and the support of the community, the “Cook-A-Thon” endeavor holds promise in alleviating hunger and promoting sustainable development, leaving a lasting impact on society.

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