Ogbomoso Concerned Thanks Makinde for Ogunwuyi, Olaleye, Oyelade Appointments


……..Celebrates Dr. Zacch Adelabu as Special Adviser to President Tinubu

The Ogbomoso community has come together to extend its heartfelt appreciation to Governor Seyi Makinde for his recent appointments of esteemed individuals from the community into key positions of influence.

In a press release issued by the community’s Public Relations Officer, Gbenga Ajiboye, the residents of Ogbomoso expressed their delight and commended the Governor for recognizing the abilities of their fellow townspeople.

Foremost among the appointments was that of Segun Ogunwuyi, who was named as the Chief of Staff in the Governor’s office. Known for his dedication and exceptional leadership qualities, Segun Ogunwuyi’s appointment has been met with widespread approval from the community.

Additionally, the community celebrated the appointments of Dotun Oyelade and Olasunkanmi Olaleye as Commissioners, acknowledging their wealth of experience and expertise that they bring to their respective roles. Their inclusion in the Governor’s team is seen as a significant step towards inclusive governance and representation for Ogbomoso.

Engr. Muftau Open Salawu’s appointment as Executive Assistant was also met with enthusiasm, as the community recognized his contributions to the engineering field and his potential to contribute meaningfully in the new role.

Furthermore, the Ogbomoso community extended its felicitations to Dr. Zacch Adelabu for his prestigious appointment as Special Adviser to President Tinubu. Recognizing his vast knowledge and competence, the community is confident that Dr. Adelabu will excel in his new position and continue to make Ogbomoso proud on the national stage.

In the press release, Gbenga Ajiboye, the PRO of The Ogbomoso Concerned, expressed gratitude on behalf of the community for the Governor’s consideration of their esteemed townsmen. He stated that these appointments reflect the Governor’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding merit and capability.

The Ogbomoso community also pledged its continued support to the Governor’s administration and expressed hope that these appointments would foster a positive and constructive relationship between the government and the people of Ogbomoso.

Governor Makinde’s efforts in fostering inclusive governance and empowering individuals based on their abilities have been widely praised, and the Ogbomoso community’s appreciation serves as a testament to the positive impact of his leadership.

As the appointed individuals take on their new responsibilities, the Ogbomoso community eagerly anticipates the positive developments that will follow, both locally and nationally, under their guidance and influence.

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