Controversy Surrounds Hon. Mrs. Adijat Oritoke Rainbow’s Candidacy for Ogbomoso North LG Chairperson


Femi Ajiboye

In the upcoming local government elections, the candidacy of Hon. Mrs. Adijat Oritoke Rainbow for the position of Chairperson in Ogbomoso North Local Government has sparked controversy and raised concerns among residents. The primary point of contention revolves around the involvement of Senator Hosea Agboola, who hails from the Oke Ogun region, in the selection process.

Many residents believe that it is inappropriate for Senator Agboola, who represents a different geographical region, to influence the selection of a chairmanship candidate in Ogbomoso North LG. They argue that the people of Ogbomoso North should have the autonomy to choose their candidate without external interference.

One of the main concerns raised is that Senator Agboola’s involvement may undermine the democratic process and compromise the representation of the local community’s interests. Critics argue that Ogbomoso North LG needs a chairman/chairperson who is deeply connected to and understands the specific needs and challenges of the local population.

Additionally, some residents question Hon. Mrs. Adijat Oritoke Rainbow’s suitability for the position of Chairperson. They argue that her candidacy might be based more on political connections rather than her qualifications, experience, or ability to address the issues affecting Ogbomoso North effectively.

Opponents of Hon. Mrs. Rainbow’s candidacy argue that her association with Senator Agboola might prioritize the interests of Oke Ogun over the needs of Ogbomoso North. They believe that the chairperson should represent the local community’s concerns and advocate for their development and welfare.

In response to the concerns raised, supporters of Hon. Mrs. Rainbow’s candidacy argue that she is a capable and dedicated leader with a track record of public service. They emphasize her experience in governance and commitment to improving the lives of people within the local government area.

Nevertheless, a growing number of residents in Ogbomoso North are calling for a fair and transparent selection process that allows them to choose a chairman/chairperson candidate independent of external influences. They believe that the candidate must have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the local community and a genuine commitment to address those issues effectively.

As the local government elections draw near, the controversy surrounding Hon. Mrs. Adijat Oritoke Rainbow’s candidacy continues to intensify. It remains to be seen whether the concerns raised about Senator Hosea Agboola’s involvement and the suitability of the candidate will have a significant impact on the electoral outcome and the future leadership of Ogbomoso North LG.

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