Cars, Houses Vandalized as Hoodlums Invade Communities in Ogbomoso


Suspected thugs in the wee hours of Wednesday (June 21) in Ogbomoso destroyed properties worth millions of naira during a midnight attack in Aaje, Exchange, Ladanu and Ijeru areas.

During the attack, Six Cars, were vandalized, two water tanks, one belonging to a trader at Exchange area and the other a property of Aaje Primary Health Centre were said to have been removed and burnt by the hoodlums

The hoodlums who invaded the area at about 12am also looted shops
and attack a night guard on duty.

Residents of Aaje who however spoke under conditions of anonymity said “We were fast asleep when the area came under barrage of attacks making everybody to be seized by fear. We couldn’t come out in the dark.”

The man further disclosed that the attackers first came late evening Tuesday at about 8pm but were repelled by youths in the area.

“They first invaded the area – Aaje – at about 8pm on Tuesday, but we repelled them. We thought that was all, they now reinforced and returned for the attack at about 12am, bearing dangerous weapons like cutlasses, axes, knives etc. Their number was overwhelming and they had a field day destroying vehicles and houses, they even smashed blocks arranged in front of a house, about 100 units of blocks.

The residents said that they had been suspecting something ominous was imminent in the area because “we saw grim-faced young boys moving around at daylight perhaps surveying the area” a source said.

Explaining further the source informed, a security guard in one workshop at Aaje area was mercilessly tortured.

“The reason behind the invasion was to steal and destroy properties” a man who pledged anonymity hinted.

It was gathered that the culprits might have had issue with collectors of old iron items (Jaribola workers) at Aaje area while another source hinted that a notorious gang identified as “Wahala N Payan Boys” at Ijeru area for the invasion, noting the gang was in the habit of unleashing terror in communities in brazen manner especially following street carnivals in any part of the city.

The case has been reported at Owode police station and both the police, and civil defense officers have visited the area

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