Exploring Technological Advancement in Healthcare: UK-Based Nigerian Unvails Free Healthcare Training Program, To Train Thousands Per Year.


In a remarkable endeavor to stimulate Youth Emancipation and Empowerment and to promote awareness and Advocacy for health and social care reforms, a UK-based Nigerian has introduced a free healthcare training program which would train thousands of people every year, leveraging on technological advancements.

This initiative aligns with Goals 3 and 8 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on good health, health education and well-being; decent work and economic growth, respectively.

Starting July 27, 2023, PIPO GLOBAL Caregivers Limited will train thousands of individuals every year for free, providing them with certificates that qualify them for job placements within Nigeria and abroad.

The training encompasses mandatory and statutory healthcare courses, care certificate training, and a bonus course on preventive measures against sudden death, specifically targeted at young individuals.

Ayo David Adeyemi, the Executive Director of PIPO GLOBAL Caregivers Limited disclosed that the organisation has successfully trained over 5,000 passionate and dedicated youths in health and social care courses, and post-training have employed over 300 youths to take care of older adults with reasonable wages. The comprehensive programs offered by PIPO GLOBAL Caregivers Limited address the physical, emotional, and social needs of older adults, ultimately enhancing their quality of life.Moreover, this initiative generates valuable employment opportunities for Nigerian and global youths and promotes education through various training sessions and advocacy activities.

In his words, “The significance of this training program cannot be overstated, particularly in light of the pressing need for well-trained healthcare professionals and the importance of accessible healthcare services. The program welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of their prior experience or educational qualifications.

”Furthermore, the alarming increase in sudden deaths within Nigeria over recent years, which may have been underreported by the media, has served as an impetus for the inclusion of the “Avoiding Sudden Death” bonus course in the training program. In his words, “My elder brother’s sudden death on July 27, 2022, remains a mystery, as he was in excellent health prior to his demise. The launch of this training programme on July 27, a year after his death, has special significance.

It is a touching tribute to his memory and highlights the need for surviving youths to take responsibility for their own well-being.”Through this transformative initiative, PIPO GLOBAL Caregivers aims to revolutionize healthcare training, empower youths, and create a more inclusive society. By bridging the gap between job seekers and healthcare opportunities, Ayo David Adeyemi is poised to make a lasting impact on countless lives while promoting healthy ageing and holistic well-being in Nigeria and beyond.

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