Chief Imam Ogbomoso Withdraws Court Case Against Soun-In-Council, Apologizes


The Chief Imam of Ogbomosoland Sheikh Teliat Yunus Ayilara has withdrawn a court case he filed against the Soun-in-Council over the council’s directive that he steps aside pending the resolution of the crisis surrounding his eligibility for the office.

About two months ago sequel to the unabated crisis over his eligibility for the office as a section of the Mamoud Ayilara family whose turn it is to produce the Chief Imam claimed that he is not of the family and as a result demanded that he be removed, the Soun-in-Council presently headed by Areago High Chief Sobalaje Otolorin asked that he stepped aside for him to settle the feud at the family level.

The directive spurred the Chief Imam to institute the court case to challenge the authority of the traditional council on the matter.

The court granted him an injunction retraining the council from asking him to step aside.

But the matter took a new dimension when the Soun ruling houses summoned the Chief Imam over his alleged claim that the Soun had no power to remove him.

“He was summoned by the heads of the ruling houses (Mogajis) to explain himself,” a source told

“The Chief Imam was taken to the sacred final resting place of past Souns (Abata) within the palace. But he recanted and apologized. He was told emphatically that the central mosque belongs to the Soun and that the latter has the power of appointment and removal over the Chief Imam. He couldn’t disprove them and so was instructed to write an apology letter to demonstrate his penitence which he abided by.

“Also, he was told to withdraw the case from the court which he has now caused to be done.”

When the matter was mentioned in court Wednesday his legal team appplied for the withdrawal of the case which the presiding judge granted.

“I hereby apologize to the family of Soun ruling houses for the part of the writ of summons served on Areago of Ogbomosoland over the ‘step aside’ letter,” he wrote interalia in the letter of apology which he personally signed.

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