Adeduntan Port from APC to PDP, Declares Support For Tinubu, Makinde


A former commissioner of Health and Osi Basorun of Ibadanland, Prince (Dr) Azeez Adeduntan has dumped the All Progressives Congress, APC to join the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

Adeduntan who was an aspirant of the APC directed his supporters to support and vote for the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC and Governor Seyi Makinde.

He made these known at a press conference on Tuesday at his office in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

His words:”Fellow Compatriots: Happy new year to you all once again; and best wishes for a new year of hope & happiness ,as well as a crisis free transition period to a new administration.

“By training & profession; I am a practicing cardiovascular surgeon ,with offices in NIGERIA and the USA ,and by vocation -a professional in politics ,that began in NIGERIA in 2011.

“My foray into politics was a child of circumstance ;specifically driven ,to serve and help in bringing good governance to OYO state primarily ,and NIGERIA secondarily. ,since all politics are local ,as is done in the USA and other civilized world,.

“This was more so ,when OYO STATE became notorious for brigandage,with hoodlums and NURTW members prowling OYO State roads and streets and the state became unruly and a “war zone in 2011.”

“To this end ,as part of service to NIGERIA,I floated a newspaper-NIGERIAN ALERT in 2012 ;for gainful employment for the youths & gang members;a foundation to help the poor and the underprivileged-DR AZEEZ POPOOLA ADEDUNTAN foundation DAPAF (2014) ,and farms in FIDITI and BUTUBUTU -all in oyo state to give back and help unemployed youths and indigent students and sick people-being a FEDERAL SCHOLAR for 7 years at UNIVERSITY OF IFE MEDICAL SCHOOL (1974-81 ) now OAU ,before moving to the USA ,for specialist training In surgery at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SCHOOL NEW YORK & HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL,BOSTON MA,USA (1986-1995).

“Other than my experience in Labour Party, where there was a free and fair PRIMARY in 2011,our subsequent experiences ,with party primaries in 2015,2019 and 2022 in PDP and APC by the same fraudulent “JAGBA “actors ;were unmitigated disasters -characterized by fraud,electoral heist ,corruption and ABUJA GODFATHERISM(funds and voters lists manipulation),especially the 2022 OYO APC PRIMARIES ,where there were no primaries at all levels -worse at the GOVERNORSHIP and senatorial levels .

“Fraudulent ticket holders in APC are now prowling the streets and roads of OYO STATE,as legitimate candidates. “A man that cannot stand for truth,equity,fairness and justice, will fall for anything.”

“For OYO state indigenes and our youths especially,it is important to point out to them ;that the worst form of corruption is electoral fraud ;as it imposes unwanted candidates on the populace ,who will never answer to the voters,but the fraudulent elements that implanted them into offices.

“Success obtained by fraud must not be LIONIZED ,by the youths in OYO state ;as is being presently done ,if this society must move forward.

“The OYO state citizens and for that matter -the youths are hereby being put on notice .

“That for oyo state to move forward -nay NIGERIA ,we must shun fraud and electoral corruption .

“Our group , through our “think thank “had evaluated three major GOVERNORSHIP candidates ;who we believe stand a chance of success ;as well as presidential candidates at the upcoming polls on February 25th and March 11th respectively.

“since I have been excluded; through fraud and electoral heist, for which we were and are ready anytime;for a civil action suit ,either for slander or libel ,by any APC ticket holder,who feels injured by our factual statements above ,being a fact and material witness; either by originating summons or writ of summons; in any federal court, in the last nine months of the pseudo OYO 2022 primaries.

“Of the three OYO candidates ,we have found ENG. SEYI MAKINDE -the current GOVERNOR-the best that can move OYO state forward ,using all key performance indicators.

“Similarly,we have found BOLA AHMED TINUBU ,the best at the presidential contest.

“To forestall accusations of anti party activities ,& my unwavering commitment for truth ,justice,equity and fair play; and after full consultations with my supporters; throughout the 33 LGA of OYO state,I AZEEZ POPOOLA ADEDUNTAN ;-the OSI BASORUN OF IBADAN LAND,hereby resign my membership of APC effective today ,TUESDAY February 21st and defecting to PDP to support my brother ENG.SEYI Makinde for a well deserved 2nd term and BOLA AHMED TINUBU ,as the next president of NIGERIA.

“I therefore direct all my supporters in LABOUR party (2011 candidate), PDP(2015 aspirant) 2019/2022(APC aspirant) to vote for both candidates. May GOD BLESS OYO STATE and the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. I thank you for your time.

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