Ace broadcaster, Yemi Sonde cries out of nude video blackmail attempt


The Chairman of Yemi Sonde Media Group, owner of the popular radio, YES FM, Mr. Yemi Sonde, has cried out to the public that a blackmailer was on his neck.

In a release issued by him in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Thursday, Sonde said the blackmailer claimed to be in possession of nude videos of him.

Sonde further said when he demanded that the blackmailer should send him a copy of the video which he obliged him, it was a video of him alone on his bed in his room.

According to the ace broadcaster, the blackmailer, who claimed to live in Cote d’Ivoire, had repeatedly demanded sums of money which ranged from N500,000 to N1,500,000, from him if he wanted the video to be kept off the social media.

The blackmailer also contacted some of the broadcaster’s friends with the said video, asked the friends to prevail on Sonde to part with the blackmail money.

Sonde said further that the blackmailer demanded to be paid urgently if the broadcaster wanted him to delete the videos and threatened to circulate them all over the social media in order to embarrass him, his family, and destroy his businesses.

Sonde said he had however told the blackmailer to go ahead with his threat and that he would not part with his hard-earned money to any blackmailer.

“I am issuing this release to let Nigerians know that some powerful individuals who are bent on destroying me have orchestrated this blackmail. I don’t know what I did to necessitate this but I know that they will fail,” said Sonde.

The ace broadcaster who said he had incidented the blackmail attempt with the right legal actions said he suspected some high net-worth individuals in society who got the blackmailer to go after him, having hitherto sworn to take him down.

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