Oyedokun harps on need to refocus minds of Nigerians on developmental imperative


As the political atmosphere intensifies and Nigerians brace themselves for an imminent political transition in 2023, Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy called on the need to refocus the minds of Nigerians on developmental imperatives for the present and the future.

He made this call today alongside other speakers, experts from different sectors of the economy at the 2022 Ogbomoso Economic and Investment Summit to discuss the future of Ogbomoso economy.

Speaking after the session, Chairman Ogbomoso South Local Government, Hon Oyedokun Timothy said ” This summit as expected sparked conversations that would lead to profitable partnerships and investments in a greater tomorrow for Ogbomoso town and it’s environs.

“The sustainable growth of Ogbomoso and Nigeria economy is constrained on many fronts. For example, the Naira continues its free fall against the US Dollar and inflation continues to rise relentlessly, neutralizing all efforts toward poverty alleviation.

“There is no gainsaying that the quality and will of the political leaders coupled with the overall cohesiveness and optimal functioning of the machinery and arms of government across the federation have a pivotal role to play in the reversal of Nigeria’s trajectory.

The 2022 Ogbomoso Economic and Investment Summit Summit seeks to galvanize stakeholders to deliberate on an actionable framework for transformative political leadership and effective governance, to facilitate economic growth and building in Ogbomoso land.

The summit which will end on Thursday, hopes to discern the imperatives for harnessing Ogbomoso’s latent human capital wealth as a means of securing collective future by identifying critical factors for effective policy implementation for sustained economic growth.

Oyedokun Oyeniyi however called on all and sundry to take active role in the process of improving the economy of Ogbomosoland.

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