FLOOD: How we subdued annual flooding in Ogbomoso South – Ogbo South Chair, Oyedokun Oyeniyi


As many communities continue to reel under floods across the whole federation, the federal government has blamed
blamed state and local governments for disregarding “adequate and timely warnings” and weather advisories issued by its various agencies.

According to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) over 400 people had been killed across all states of the federation and several properties destroyed due to the devastating floods in recent weeks.

While expressing concerns over the hardships being faced by people due to this natural calamity, the federal government noted that the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) had written to each of the 36 states of the federation through the states’ respective Governors advising on the appropriate action to take in view of the gloomy forecasts of the rains this year.

In Ogbomoso axis of Oyo State, Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has warned of possible flooding in Ogbomoso South, Ogbomoso North, Orire and other local government areas in Oyo state due to excess rainfall.

Ogbomoso South local government in the last few decades, has witnessed a tremendous urban expansion, the process which has led to the removal of natural vegetation for infrastructural development like roads, schools, residential buildings among others. Thus, urbanisation process has inflicted much on the environment that urban heat has increased abruptly.

Speaking with the Executive Chairman of Ogbomoso South Local Government, Hon Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy on how he was able to to curb incessant flooding in the metropolis, he said the present administration, led by Governor Seyi Makinde, should be commended for making appropriate plans, which he said he implemented at the council level to safeguarded residents in Ogbomoso South from being inundated.

Oyedokun said that his administration took pro-active measures in preventing flood and disasters in the Local government area through a change of approach to natural disasters and their impacts from the reactive mode to a proactive approach.

He said ” In as much as we condole with those who has been affected by the devastating flooding across the country, if you investigate well proactive steps were not effectively taken to curb the devastating effects.

” Since when I was appointed as the caretaker chairman of Ogbomoso South and subsequently after I won the election as a local government chairman, I prioritized curbing flooding as it’s one of the annual difficulties residents of this local government do battle with.

” At first, I conducted a vulnerability assessment to determine what are the roots of the annual flooding being witnessed in Ogbomoso South, and our assessment shows that some of the drainage system are not constructed and maintained well as dwellers also misuse the drainage by dropping refuse, sewage; reducing it effectiveness and capacity to allow flow of water.

” Also we noticed that most of our rivers are not well dredged to contain inflow of water during the rainy season which cause most of these rivers to over flow it’s banks, thus I swung into action first by sensitizing the public on need to maintain our existing drainage systems.

“We commenced yearly dredging of our rivers that flows along Alapata, Sunsun, Obadare, AUD, Osuru, Laka, Arinkinkin among others in the local government, as we also dredged the Beulah river and also sand filled the bank which water has affected.

“Similarly we opened and graded roads in new communities across the ten political wards in Ogbomoso South such as Osuru, Ile-Anu, Bolorunduro, Area-One, Gomal-Irewolede, Beulah, Kajola Market, Papa-Abede among others to create path for erosion to move freely.

Oyedokun added that in his bid to prevent hazardous floods from re-occurring, he also embarked on sensitizing the residents their part to play.

“They should keep proper sanitation by disposing refuse into the dustbin or by burning them; rather than dumping them inside the drainages, culverts, rivers and other waterways, which would lead to water blockage in raining season, as we are also discouraging poor housing.

 In conclusion, he however commended the Governor of Oyo State, Engr Seyi Makinde for making appropriate plans, which he said he his embarking upon to safeguard residents in of Ogbomoso South during this raining season from being inundated

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