Meet the Ogbomosho South LG Chairman who has been combining kindness and humanity with good governance


Today, while surfing the internet, I came across some photos that really touched my heart and I thought to myself, “this is indeed an act of kindness,” and I must write something on this for people, especially our politicians to see and learn.

This is because, our politicians need to change the narratives. It shouldn’t be business as usual for them. They need to start touching lives.

In the photos, Hon. Niyi Timothy Oyedokun, the Ogbomosho South LG chairman was seen handing over cheques and cash to some market women in his constituency to help boost their businesses.

You may say this is the way of politicians when elections are approaching, but I assure you, this is different as it is not the first, the second, the third. …… or the last that this will be happening. And this is the more reason I’m putting it out there with my platform, for people to be aware that there’s indeed another kind of politician, a different kind, different in a good way from what we use to have in Nigeria.

In fact ever since he assumed office, its been one good deed after the other and I will share some with you in this article.

For your information, I’m a military blogger and a security analyst, I shouldn’t be writing about this as I’m not a political journalist or analyst, but I just have to put it out there for people to see good governance in full display.

Governance should be about the people and for the people, not about the individuals in government.

The more reason I’m writing this article is my experience many years ago when I was residing in Oyo State (I won’t mention the particular LGA for obvious reasons).

The local government chairman of that LGA at the time hardly stays in Nigeria. He rules from overseas and whenever he’s in town, you only see him for three to four days and he’s back to his family abroad again.

How will such individual know the plight of his people?

In December, 2021, after a Local Government Chairman in a Niger Delta State was awarded best serving LG Chairman in Nigeria, we all saw the report that residents of the LGA including councillors expressed shock, describing the chairman as the worst ever since the creation of the council area.

Similarly, we’ve heard of state Governors that rule their states from Abuja.

But honestly, Hon. Niyi has exceeded mine and many other’s expectations.

It would be recalled that in 2019 when Hon. Oyeniyi was norminated by the Governor, protests erupted against his candidature and party leaders from Ogbomoso South stormed the state’s Secretariat, Ibadan, to show their grievances.

The demonstrators claimed that Oyeniyi was imposed on them by the forces that be, that he was a newcomer to the PDP, and that he did not contribute meaningfully to the party’s election victory.

Today, it is worth knowing that the rejected stone has now become the cornerstone.

While the good people of Ogbomosho South LG expected little or nothing in the areas of Infrastructural and Human capital development in Hon. Niyi Oyedokun’s over 2 years in office, taking the Local Government’s peculiar problems of inaccessible or bad road network, poor electricity power supply, lack of basic amenities and challenges faced by small scale business entrepreneurs into account, Hon. Oyedokun has surprised everyone with his unprecedented achievements, ranging from empowering the poor and needy to infrastructural and social/ Human capital development within just a little bit over 2 years in office.

Within this period, he has touched virtually every department that needs help in his constituency.

Considering the peculiar problems I mentioned earlier, people have been left speechless and in utter admiration of the caretaker chairman’s giant strides in all aspects of governance, whilst, meticulously revolving within the confines of his visionary, people-focused, articulated development agenda.

And from the look of things, his policies has reestablished fully the confidence between the people and the government.

Talk about empowerment, he’s there, talk about electricity power supply, he’s there, talk about accessible road network and water, he’s there.

Additionally, Hon. Oyedokun has shown clearly that his administration places premium on the security of its citizenry, as it has ebulliently made several sustained efforts in tackling security challenges in the LGA. With motorcycles, generating sets and security gadgets purchased and distributed to security operatives in the council.

The youths are also not left out. I was amazed when I saw a photo of the caretaker chairman juggling the ball when he attended a football match to support Team Ogbomosho South LG in the final of GSM unity cup.

His achievements are there for you to see. To learn more visit this Facebook Link.

I hope that this article inspires you to see young politicians as they truly are in times of crisis: responsible, resilient, and resourceful.

In Nigeria, we need more of this kind of politicians holding vital offices.

If you know of any more young politicians who are demonstrating remarkable leadership, please contact us at; we’d love to hear about them and share their story as well.

Meanwhile, after sharing this article on a social media platform, below is a reply I got from my first responder;

If you don’t get it, forget it.

By Issac Sanyaolu
A Security Analyst and Military Blogger.

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