Why Sport in our Institutions? By Hon Com. Blessing Isaac Afolabi


Sport is so much more than the games we see on screen. It is a universal language that is woven deeply into our society and touches nearly every aspect of our lives. Now more than ever, sport is a common thread that unites people of all cultures across the globe – from the Nations League One(NLO), Nigeria National League (NNL), Nigeria professional football league (NPFL), Olympics, Nations cups, to the World Cup of Soccer to the Super Bowl, see how we forget about tribe and religion and come as one to defend our own. Imagine playing soccer representing a country, you play as a team and nothing like tribe or race. This is what we should practice in real life activities.

The benefits of sport extends far beyond the playing field. Participation in sport enhances health and academic achievement, supports family life, boosts the economy, develops intellectual capability and instills civic pride.

“Sport and physical education can motivate children and youth to attend and engage in formal and informal education, as well as improve academic performance and learning outcomes. Sport can teach transferable life skills and key values such as tolerance, inclusion and can lead towards learning opportunities beyond school.” – The United Nations

Sport is Universal

The competitive spirit, pushing physical and emotional limits, perseverance, discipline, and teamwork are universally admired qualities that transcend athletics.

Sport is Challenging
Sport can challenge us physically, but it can also challenge our mentality and open our minds to new possibilities.

Sport is Inspiring
Athletes provide vivid examples of excellence and inspire us to reach beyond our limitations and what we previously thought possible.

Sport is Multidisciplinary
Because sport is so ubiquitous it is the perfect bridge for students to connect ideas and concepts across disciplines.

Sport is Inclusive
If you can play, you can play.

Sport unites a nation

Few states in Nigeria embraces sport and also give a platform for young talents to build career in different sporting activities. Gone are the days when parents tag children who loves sport as unserious ones, parents should allow children discover there talents and help them grow it.

Kudos to state governors like His Excellency Gov Seyi Makinde of Oyo state who is investing huge in sports starting from the upgrade of the Lekan Salami Stadium and other stadiums in Oyo state, regular and effective funding of sporting activities in the state among others. I hereby advice other governors to follow suite and also the country should give a platform for children and youths to get involved in sporting activities.

As youths and students most especially during a time that almost all tertiary Institutions are on strike, we need to get involved in sporting activities to keep fit mentally and physically. Also to keep bound between our friends and colleagues who may or may not be from our tribe, religious belief, race or culture, with this we are building peace among ourselves and also developing personal skills.

Hon Comr. Blessing Isaac Afolabi (blessmas)

SSA Sports NAUS National President/Marketing manager Crown football club (academy) Ogbomoso

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