Stop discrimination, let’s cooperate with Tinubu to reposition Nigeria – Alawuje tell Nigerians

The National Coordinator of a political pressure group, the ‘Disciples of Jagaban’ (DOJ), Comrade Abdukhakeem Adegoke Alawuje has lamented what he described as selfishness of some Nigerian politicians and citizens alike which informed their opposition to Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s 2023 presidential ambition.

The DOJ National Coordinator also said that millions of Nigerians are not ready for liberation and positive change, rather, they do things based on sentiment and parochial interests.

Abdukhakeem Adegoke Alawuje made this observation in a virtual chat with newsmen saying that many Nigerians are very aware of Asiwaju Tinubu’s competence, but those who oppose him are only out to protect their personal interest.

According to him, “The problem is that we have many dirty minds among Nigerians, that is why some do believe politics is a dirty game, due to how it’s practised in Nigeria by dirty people. However, my warning to those who deploy discrimination, hatred and envy not to allow themselves to be used by the devil to truncate Nigeria from its track.”

The National Coordinator further noted that all religions and ethnic groups have had their contributions to Nigeria in terms achievements and problems, saying no religion or ethnic group should neither be single out for blame nor be solely discriminated against for the collective woes of Nigeria.

He said that, “For instance, there is no particular religion or tribe that has not in one way or the order, contributed to the country’s current problem? The criminals are either Muslims, Christians or traditionalists, but do they really represent their faith or tribe as they commit atrocities? Of course not”.

He added that, “We have thieves, looters, ritualists, kidnappers, bandits in every tribe. My advice therefore to the masses is that, they should not allow the elite to use them to settle the scores that exist within them”.

Adegoke Alawuje said that politicians often use ethnic, tribal and religious sentiments to manipulate the masses in order to achieve personal gains that will be of no benefit to the masses

He remarked that those in government are always united in corruption, embezzlement and when it comes to sharing the national cake, be they Christians, Muslims, Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa; saying they do wine and dine together as they settle issues of common interests within themselves.

“But when it’s time for election they return to their various bases; and that is when they remember it’s Yoruba turn, it’s Hausa turn or the turn of Igbo. But the moment they win another round of election, you won’t hear anything from them again until four years later”, he said.

While acknowledging the fact that Nigeria is currently faced with serious challenges, the DOJ National Coordinator appealed to Nigerians to put aside sentiments and support Asiwaju Tinubu with a view to allowing him lead the rescue mission that will liberate the country and the entire black race.

He stressed that DOJ, being the first political group to adopt Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as Nigeria’s next president, believe that while Tinubu cannot be perfect, he remains a complete detribalised Nigeria who doesn’t consider tribe or religion in his dealings with people.

He ooined that, “Tinubu spends most of his time building bridges across the country, closing the gap between the rich and the poor; just as he interacts with the elites and the masses without bigotry or sentiments” .

He stressed that, “I weep for some ignorant Nigerians who criticise Tinubu based on his faith, some even condemn him based on his ethnic background. The worst part of it is that some of his tribesmen in the name of playing opposition and vendetta even oppose him because of his state”.

“But these same set of people refused to appreciate him when he was assembling men and women across tribes and regions and working with them without let or hindrance. They refused to acknowledge Tinubu when he was turning many children of nobody into somebody with his resources”, he concluded.

Adegoke Alawuje consequently appealed to all true supporters of Jagaban to close ranks for collective success of Tinubu:2023 Project and said Tinubu remains the most qualified candidate and deserves to be Nigerian president.

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