Igangan Killing: Photo Of Evicted Seriki’s Son Killed During The Invasion Surfaces

Picture of the evicted Seriki Fulani Son, Saliu Abdulkadri who was killed during a gun duel with local hunters—Mahmoud—on Sunday have emerged.

According to our sources, the evicted Seriki Fulani son led the gang of armed bandits who invaded Igangan, Ibarapa North Local Government Area of Oyo State on Sunday, 6th June, 2021.

Saliu while responding to an allegation on Tuesday that he was the mastermind of the pogrom which claimed no fewer than 50 lives and perished properties that are worth millions of Naira, including the Asigangan of Igangan’s Palace, said he had no hand in the attack.

However a photo of one of his sons, Mahmoud, who was killed during the invasion by local hunters have surfaced online.

Mahmoud, the evicted Seriki Fulani’s son killed during the invasion on Sunday
Naija Banquet had earlier reported how the Special Adviser to Oyo State Government, Fatai Owoseni confirmed that the evicted Seriki was behind the pogrom.

“The Igangan people tried their best, they fought back as much as they could and eliminated five of the assailants even when they were caught unawares in the dead of the night ; and the attack appears clearly a reprisal because two of the attackers who were killed were positively identified as the Seriki’s sons while one was identified as one of the sons of Wakili who is now in prison.”

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