Govs, monarchs need ‘big sacrifices’ to curb insecurity in Yorubaland — Traditionalist

Governors and traditional rulers in the southwest have been called upon to make sacrifices to ward off invaders that have the intention of disrupting the peace and harmony in Yorubaland.

The President, Isese Foundation of Yorubaland, Chief Omikunmi Abiola Egbelade, stated this during the weekend, while featuring on an Ibadan-based online radio, Aloore Radio, owned and transmitted by the Oyo State Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

Egbelade, said the time has come for the government and kings in the region to engage the traditionalists, who would make special sacrifices against marauders that have been wrecking havocs by kidnapping and killing innocent people.

He said: “There are so many things that can be done by the traditionalists, Muslims and Christians can be called to also come together and do special prayers but they must call on the traditionalists, who will empower the local security bodies like Agbekoya who use traditional means for security, these people will not just pray, they will do some other things like big sacrifices.

“Those rich people are also among the culprits, there are some Obas and even politicians, when the sacrifice is done, the secret will be leaked automatically and people will be able to see who are behind the crisis, the Kings and politicians are not interested in finding a lasting solution to this case, they are only interested in money in the position they occupy,” he said.

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