The Evolutionary trend of Hon. Ogunwuyi Segun Ebenezer | Dayo Okediji

Countless and undaunted are the leaders I’ve crossed their path, a distinct personality whose linen had no stain is the distinguished Hon. Segun Ebenezer Ogunwuyi.

He was born by Baba and Mama Abraham Ogunwuyi of the great APAGBONRIN’s COMPOUND, in Arendala, Ijeru area, Ogbomoso.

The descendants of APAGBONRIN’s has there evolutionary advancement traced to the ” _source of the soil”_ Ile-Ife and from Ife, they spread there tentacle to Offa.

They stayed for a donkey years at Offa, during there sojourn, there was a close relationship with “Erin”. There great-grandfathers as one of the inhabitants of Offa whose by Civic right and responsibilities should also be entitled to the throne were all denied their franchise.

There was a gentleman agreement within the forbearers of APAGBONRIN’s dynasty that since they were denied of their franchise to become a King, they had to leave the place. They relocate to where it is today known as Ogbomoso.

The APAGBONRIN’s were known to be Blacksmith “Agbede” and they worship Ogun – ” the god of iron”, till date at the family house via Arendale; there is still a symbol which shows the handwork of this lineage.

As a business oriented personality, The APAGBONRIN’s continue with their work “Agbede” but this man had a very close friend at Erin who is into selling metals, he was invited down to Ogbomoso to come and settle since they are business partner and as such he came and there was a simultaneous relationship among them.

No wonder are the numerous opportunities, the Oyo State government is benefitting today, as a result of the PPP initiatives which is been anchored by Hon. Segun Ogunwuyi, the D.G Oyo State investment on Public-Private Partnership, this was a clear evidence that it was an inherited trait from his forbears, it’s an inbuilt character, the D.G have more to offer.

Why then is the evolutionary name “APAGBONRIN” ?

Another good occupation traced to the evolutionary trend of the APAGBONRIN’s is “hunting” he always hunt elephant, cheetah, Antelope but most especially he hunts on Deer, “Agboonrin” and the King then usually pays special attention on him for the nature of the animal he do give to the King.

After a while during the usual Kings festival, the king noticed the absence of one of the hunter that hunt on Deer “Agboonrin” and the King sent for “the hunter that hunt on Deer” Ode Apagboonrin.(Do not forget that as at this time, the forbears had relocated to Ogbomoso, yet, his presence is being felt).

Those who buy the Agboonrin from the hunter are the “Ataagboonrin” whose ancestral trend can be traced till date to Isale-Afon area of Ogbomoso North local government.

Over the years, there is a close relationship between the forbears of APAGBONRIN’s and Kabiesi Onpetu of Ijeruland, There is nothing in the Chieftaincy title of Otuba Mayeloye of Ijeru kingdom than to say, it is a pay back time for the extended family of the APAGBONRIN’S as this will foster initial relationship now and beyond.

On this note, I extend my warm felicitation to the Otun Mayeloye and Yeye Mayeloye of Ijeru kingdom, Hon. Segun Ebenezer & Seye Ogunwuyi, as your name implies, you will be victorious now and always.


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