Why I returned to APC ― Dapo Lam-Adesina

A son of the late ex-governor of Oyo State and former member federal house of representatives, Adedapo Lam-Adesina has returned to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Lam-Adesina had in 2018 dumped the APC for the African Democratic Congress (ADC) citing irreconcilable differences with the party at that time.

The announcement of his rejoining the APC was the crescendo of a series of visits, in recent days, to the Lam-Adesina’s Felele residence by top stalwarts of APC.

Lam-Adesina said he decided to rejoin the APC having been embarrassed by a litany of visits and pleas by elderly persons of the APC asking him to return home.

He added that he had also extracted commitments of the stakeholders of the APC that the situations and circumstances that led him to leave for the ADC will not recur.

Prior to announcing his return to the APC, Lam-Adesina requested a voice vote of Lam-Adesina supporters (LAMISTS) who thronged the Felele residence and got a unanimous “Ayes”.

Oyo APC secretary, Mojeed Olaoya subsequently saw the registration of Lam-Adesina as a member of the party.

Speaking on his decision, Dapo Lam-Adesina said, “I am happy to be back to APC. For me, it is a great homecoming. Like I have said, I have told our leaders who spoke to me let us address our problems once and for all.

“Sometimes one should be careful when elders are talking to you. The whole thing started when the elders started coming to my house, it became so embarrassing and as a young person who knows and appreciates the essence of elders.

“And if an issue gets to the extent of elders coming to plead with you in your house, then someone has to take it easy.

“And they have assured us that some of the things that we were aggrieved about would be resolved. I believed that they will keep to their words. But more importantly, I was brought up by a father who knows the essence of elders.

“Normally they should have abandoned me and say since my father is no more alive, and if people realised that they have made mistakes and they started coming to my house, who am I? So, it is reasonable for me to start looking towards the things that they are saying.

“The job for us is now to start visiting a few of our supporters who are still aggrieved with what happened that made us leave. Although over 95 per cent of our supporters agreed to the return, we will still go after the remaining few because we have always been together through thick and thin.

“It actually became embarrassing when elders who are ok enough to father you start coming to your house to plead with you on the same issues, matter and topic and I’m sure if people still hear that I am adamant, they will begin to say why am I proving so difficult and arrogant.

“So, it takes a bit of wisdom to realize that at that point, if people have started thinking in the line of what you are capable of doing and they start coming to you, as a young man, you should be wise.

“Resolution of conflict is always good. It’s always the best in the world. This is what they should have done before now, but let’s says it’s the best time with God.”

When asked if he trusted the words of those who have been persuading him to return, Lam-Adesina said, “You can’t trust any politician with promises and that is why I have always avoided making promises that I won’t be able to fulfil.

“So, we only hope that they keep to their words and if they don’t, there is what they call the law of karma. I’m always afraid and mindful of it. And that is why as hard as possible I try not to make promises that I can’t fulfil. But the truth of the matter is that they have honoured us, we have honoured them back and so we are hoping that they will honour their words so that the relationship will blossom. That is the beauty of life.”

On hands to receive the son of the late Progressive leader back into the fold were APC chieftains, Alhaji Audu Marafa, Kayode Adanla, Kehinde Subair, Shina Alabi, Akeem Olatunji, Biodun Adeyemo, Lowo Obisesan, Mojeed Olaoya.


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