OPINION: Gov Makinde Where Is Our N90 million – Adédàmọ́lá Adebayo


I’ve picked my pen to write in peace and I hope this piece meets you in good condition.

I’ve written to draw your attention to one of your primary assignments the Ṣọ̀ún of Ògbómọ̀ṣọ́land has some couple of months advised you to do, which you’re yet to give a serious attention.

Sir, it would be recalled that your first assignment as the chief servant of the pace setting state is to cater for the well-being of the state’s citizens. But it’s crystal clear now that you’re absconding your primary assignments….

October 9 & 10, 2020 were two fateful days Ògbómọ̀ṣọ́ people won’t easily erase from their memories, because they were days the valiant city lost youths with promised futures. And more so, the city’s monarch, His Imperial Majesty, Ọba Oladunni Oyewumi, won’t forget the mess that befall the ancient palace of his forefathers one of the aforementioned days.

It’s true that as the governor of Oyo State, after you’re done with your party’s assignment in Ondo state, you visited the ancient city as Father Christmas to share money.

You promised the monarch 100 million Naira as Renovation fund for the damages that occurred in his palace and a million Naira each to the families that lost their FUTURES.

Now, to what prompted me to write this letter, some couple of weeks after you visited the ancient city, indigenous bloggers and some of our national dailies blogged it that the monarch has sent you a letter that aside the 10 million naira cash you gave at instance of your visit to his palace, you should use the rest of the promised 100 million Naira which is 90 million Naira, for youths empowerment in the state as unemployment played a vital role in what gave youths chances to participated in the #Endsars protest.

And to buttress my point, here is a paragraph from what ROUND OYO, one of the bloggers blogged;
*…in a letter spreading on the social media, the first class monarch was quoted as urging the Governor to keep the balance of N90m, noting Ogbomosho indigenes have decided to take up the repair works.*”

The executive governor of Oyo State sir, it’s the count of three months and a half now sir, and nothing like the empowerment the monarch advised you to do has been organized. And don’t forget the money you wanted to give would have been from the state’s pocket and you won’t have fail to give the balance of 90 million Naira to the monarch if he’s not rejected it.

Please sir, try and see to it, as the rate of unemployment is alarming in the state and everyone, even you can attest to it that it’s one of the factor that is causing casualties and unrest for the state of security in the state.

I’ve written as a critic and as a concerned youth sir.


Adédàmọ́lá Adebayo Joseph.
Surulere local government.


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