LAUTECH: Name Senate Building and Ongoing 5km road after Alao Akala – Hon Adeniji Paul Esupofo

A stalwart of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Ogbomoso South local government area, Hon Adeniji Paul Esupofo has charged Engr Seyi Makinde to name LAUTECH Senate building and the ongoing 5km road which leads to the instiution 2nd gate after former Oyo state governor, Otunba Dr Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala.

Hon who eulogisied former governor Alao-Akala described him has a visionary leader who sees beyond the immediate as shown in the solid ground work he laid for the actualisation of the dissolution of the joint ownership of LAUTECH.

Esupofo, an house of assembly aspirant in the last election made this known on Tuesday in a statement signed and made available to RoundOyo.

He said “Strong Political development requires conscientious efforts and visionary leaders who sees beyond the immediate. Former Governor Otunba Dr Christopher Adebayo Alao Akala belongs to the class of political icons who possesses those virtues in large quantities.

“The recent pronouncement on the ceding of LAUTECH to Oyo State Government cannot be achieved within the last nineteen months of the present administration in Oyo State if Fmr Governor Alao did not lay a viable and solid ground work for the actualization of the project in 2010.

“Baba Akala fought for the cause of Oyo State at that material time and could have won it for the State if not for the inability to return to Agodi Government House, his commitment towards the goal made him to construct gigantic structures for the Medical Students and another architectural masterpieces to serve as Teaching Hospital.”

Meanwhile, Esupofo as fondly called expressed his displeasure over on the sidelining in recognition of Osun state governor and Otunba Alao Akala, saying that their contributions are even greater than that of Engr Seyi Makinde.

“It is quite unfortunate that some of our people are celebrating the achievements without giving due and deserves recognition to Fmr Governor Alao Akala, contributions of Oyetola is even great and higher more than that of his Oyo State counterpart considering the closeness of Osun Gubernatorial election to this progressive and forward decision.”

However, he applauded Governor Seyi Makinde over his efforts in actualising what he called struggle that was started by Alao Akala, has he called on political office holders to learn from Otunba Alao-Akala, whom he said his actions are still reverberating years after he has left office.

“Governor Seyi Makinde is appreciated for is intervention in actualising the struggle that was started by Fmr Governor Alao Akala. I will appeal to Governor Makinde to name the Senate Building of LAUTECH and the main road in the citadel of learning after Fmr Governor Alao Akala for initiating the moves that birth this great feat.

“Our elected representatives should also learn from this great man whose actions keeps reverberating years after leaving the office, power is transient and ephemeral. Oyato is a strong brand name that should not be allows to be bastardised by political merchant that does not understand the fundamentals that promotes the good name and heritage.”

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