I stand with Nigeria youths, not only SARS, Buhari also has killed us – Hon Paul Ajagbe

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ogbomoso North local government Area, Hon Dr Paul Ajagbe has eulogised Nigerian youths who took to the streets to express their disappointment in the Buhari administration and excesses of the Nigeria Police Force tagged #EndSars.

Hon Paul said this on Monday, when he also took to the streets of Ogbomoso to protest the actions of SARS and also show his displeasure on the president Buhari led administration.

The youths also One after the other, they took turns to express their views, anger and disappointments in the Buhari-led government.

He said “President Buhari has disappointed Nigeria, youths called for EndSars, they now changed the name to Swat, no we want complete reform of Nigeria Police and Our economy, even our minimum wage can’t buy a bag of rice.

Hon Paul who equally donated cash to the protesters to buy food and drinks ended with a song saying the situation in Nigeria has gone from bad to worse under President Buhari.

“Our president has never ever spoken to Nigerian. Are we so useless that our president cannot address us? Are we so idiotic that our president cannot tell us that ‘things are hard and these are my plans’?

“Are we so useless that our president cannot invite us and tell us, ‘look, we need your help to get this’? We don’t get compassion, we don’t get empathy, we don’t get thoughtfulness, and there is no plan, and then we are told we cannot protest too? What kind of country is that? What kind of citizens are we?”

“President Muhammadu Buhari’s government is one that intimidates people, they are planning to bring Soldiers in to stop the protest. Shame on bad government.” he added.

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