Makinde is not well prepared to govern Oyo state – Muftau Open Salawu

Engr Muftau Open Salawu has called on the Governor of Oyo State, Engr Seyi Makinde to relax or take a break and allow his deputy Governor who he said happens to be more prepared than him to govern the state.

Muftau Open Salawu said this while evaluating the present administration achievements in the past one year of taking over the government.

He said the Makinde has failed the expectations of the people, who are expecting him to be more efficient and effective in government.

“We the people of Oyo hope and wish for a better, efficient and effective government not a pretence and a Governor that is trying to be a populist. We are not saying Governor Seyi Makinde to be a magician but he met a structures and systems of Good governance that he should have dwell on since he also agreed that government is continuing.”

The Ogbomoso born civil engineer said as much as Makinde is struggling not to make mistake the more he is making more mistakes and contradicting himself every time, calling on the Governor to relax and take deep breath or take a break and allow his deputy Governor who he said happens to be more prepared than him to guide or advise him for now.

“Engr Seyi Makinde is a professional colleague and I like his determination to succeed but it seems he is not a good team player. As an Engineer,is expected to be more intelligent calculating and proactive, for a graduate of engineering you have done a minimum of eight semesters of mathematics such as Algebra, trigonometry, logic, calculus and more to form you in tackling future challenges and enable you make sound Engineering decisions.”

Speaking on the achievements of the past administration compared to the present administration, he said Former Governor Sen Abiola Ajimobi and Incumbent Governor are two different personalities noting that Ajimobi was more equipped and prepared to govern Oyo State than Makinde.

“These are two different personalities. In my opinion Ajimobi is more equipped and prepared to Govern than what we are witnessing now.”

The APC chieftain added that one year is a quarter of the Governor’s mandate “One year in office is 25% of his four years mandate and don’t forget there is little or nothing serious that does happened in elections year in our politics so he have 50% which is two years to act proactively and very decisively. He should work with some brilliant people around him and make progress, and he is the one to be responsible for action and inaction of this Government.

“It’s a good thing that he is paying salaries but I don’t think is an achievement more so that all he borrows goes for overhead.

“He promised to fix the issue of LAUTECH in six months now it’s a year and the painful part is the immature way of handling the matter. Yesterday it was Ajimobi today is Seyi Makinde and definitely it will be someone else tomorrow. He should remember Ajimobi worked and developed Ibadan than any other zone but he faced more opposition in Ibadan than any other part of the state. A good leader is not the one that takes people to where they want to be but that takes people to where they should be.”

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