INTERVIEW : Oyo State working better under Engr Seyi Makinde – Hon Oyedokun Timothy

Hon Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy is the Caretaker Chairman of Ogbomoso South Local Government, Arowomole Ogbomoso. In this interview to commemorate Engr Seyi Makinde, Oyo State Governor one year in office, he spoke about the achievements and challenges the Governor encountered in the past one year.
FEMI AJIBOYE brings the excerpts.

Can we have a little introduction about you?

My name is Hon Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy, I am privileged to be the caretaker chairman of Ogbomoso south local government, Arowomole Ogbomoso.

Today is the one year anniversary of the current government led by Engr Seyi Makinde, How will you describe the journey of the governor to the seat of power during the 2019 polls?

We thank God, you will see that the people of Oyo state actually showed that they were tired of the last administration by massively coming out to vote and from the body movements of people in that last election one will wonder if people would have come out to vote the way they did in mass. Also difference between the votes truly showed that people wanted a change in administration, that’s why Engr Seyi Makinde was voted in.

You talked about change, what are the change you were referring to?

People were tired of workers being owned salaries, people were tired of not seeing the dividends of democracy, people were tired of stagnation, people wanted something new, fresh and am very sure and can confidently say that within this one year, there have been a lot of changes. people now feel the fresh air all over oyo State.

Talking about the political party coalition which occurred in 2019, do you believe if there is no coalition, Seyi Makinde the election?

I would not say the coalition didn’t help, but one thing I am very sure of is that people were tired and needed that change.

The coalition was an advantage, it showed that the change people wanted was not about political parties at that moment but about the person and people kept their differences to come together and be one for the past government to be chased out. The people of Oyo were truly tired and we have seen the dividends of that unity.

What are your reactions to the names the opposition are calling the governor such as Audio governor and that he is showcasing projects of past administrations?

When you say a project is for your administration and you were not able to actually finish or even execute the project half how on earth can you say that such a project is yours. what you call your project is what you start and finish. So if His Excellency has come and finished projects, it shows his a man with the people at heart and won’t want public funds wasted. He is not an audio governor and one year into an administration cannot be a determinant of what happens in 4 years. There acquired projects that are ongoing and some finished, there are also new ones in progress so one year cannot be a determinant but in this one year, we’ve seen a lot of changes and I believe that before the 4 years mandate Oyo people will be grateful they voted Engr Seyi Makinde

Let’s go back to the the issues of changes you said since you resumed as the caretaker chairman of OSLG, how was the administration you met on ground?

For me I met a LG were nothing was working. One cannot pin point much from the 8 years of the last administration. I asked quite a number of questions why everything was not working. You won’t believe in my LG i met just one official car working in the whole of the LG. A lot of earth working machines, many things were not just working. But since we came on board with the support of the governor we are trying to pick the issues one at a time, you know very well that we had issues with the former ALGON, that slowed things down a bit but we since then gotten to work so our people at the grassroots can feel the dividends of this present Government.

On the area of Security there are still cases of kidnappings, banditry and cattle rustling and the past administrations is boasting that the security atmosphere is far better during their era?

Even the mighty America has not finally gotten it right for security. Security is like a process, In Oyo State everyone can say under the present Government security has improved. We are not yet there but we are definitely not where we were before. In Ibadan now and other environs, there is swift action when the securities are called because they now have the equipments to work with and good vehicles to reposnd to emergencies and sure before the end of his tenure there will be a lot more changes and improvement on security.

Let’s go to Education sector, in your LG are you feeling the impact of the reform embarked on by the Seyi Makinde led administration?

Yes we are.In Ogbomoso LAUTECH is one of the institution boosting the economy of the zone but since its closing and strikes. Ogbomoso economy has been down. But since the emergence of Engr Seyi Makinde the story has been different. He gave the school N500million subvention fund to help them get back on track and since then LAUTECH has been opened. Same also for other higher institutions in the state, free exercise books for students, free education at primary and secondary school level. So if all these can be done in a year that means there is still a lot that can be done in the next 3 years.

Moving to the environmental sector, the
Governor declared state of emergency on environment, but we do meet some waste disposal vehicles grounded at the LG, are you in line with the governor?

We are in line with the Governor, I love the part you touched about the vehicles that are being used to pack the waste. I can categorically tell you that with the help of the governor and we have fixed all our earthmoving machines including that same vehicle, that vehicle is up now and any moment from now, it will be in the city on daily basis to take up trash everywhere. Also if you remember Ibadan use to be tagged the dirtiest city Nigeria. Since the emergence of this Government you will agree with me that the story is different.

What other change do you want to talk about during this one year?

Well during the past one year, the Governor has been a man of the people not a man of the party alone, and that can be seen during the period of Palliative sharing. He said don’t share palliatives to PDP, share palliatives to the people of Oyo state. It’s a rare feature you can find in a Governor. Also he is a listening Governor, simple and swift. The next three years will be interesting and Oyo people are in for a good jolly ride as we all enjoy the dividends of democracy.

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