I Have Always Wished To Die at Age 70 – Ajimobi

The former executive governor of Oyo state, Senator Abiola Ajimobi said, the outbreak of the pandemic Coronavirus is a disease only known by God but similar deadly diseases of this nature has been on for ages.

Senator Ajimobi made this known on an Islamic radio programme monitored Saturday 16, May in Ibadan, Oyo state capital.

The Ex-governor opined that ” While i was 40 years old, I have always wish to die age 70 years but thankfully to God, I made it beyond my assumed expectation”.

This is the time for sober reflection by all and sundry irrespective of our status and positioning all areas of our lives.

Leaders are made while some are born. I was a leader yesterday, some came before me dead or alive, someone is there today and someone will be there tomorrow.

Similarly, a popular Islamic scholar, shiekh Ajani Bello admonished leaders to work collaboratively for the collective growth of the society irrespective of there differences but warned the public to be mindful of their utterances to avoid public confusion.

The Deputy Chairman of South West All Progressive Congress (APC) Senator Ajimobi declared that, if the government of the day invited me for any clarification in the state in any area of governance, I will gladly obliged him.

“A true leader is always ready to contribute to any positive cause if invited but will keep mute if not invited”.

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