Makinde and his of no use deputy

While many reports have pointed out that there seems to be a sour relationship between Gov. Seyi Makinde and his deputy, Rauf Olaniyan, Makinde has refuted the allegations describing them as “mere fabrications”.

It was Senator Teslim Folarin who first challenged Makinde for appointing Prof. Alonge of UCH to head the Oyo state task force team when he tested positive for the infection, Sen. Folarin and many other observers felt the Governor should have tactically fill the vacant position with his deputy, Rauf Olaniyan while he was away.

Engr Olaniyan is also rumoured to want to reignite his bid by eyeing up the Oyo state number seat after Seyi Makinde’s tenure. While it appears that it seems to early for any sort of face-off between the duo, many expect a stronger synergy between them just like it is replicated in the Sanwo-olu/Hamzat administration.

From 1999- till Date, the quality of the deputies chosen by governorship candidates of the state have always been doubtful. They are either lacking in experience or are unsuitable for the job. These deficiencies made it easy for their bosses to render them ineffective, with their primary role in government being limited to representing their principals at weddings, funerals and other less tasking duties. Consequent on the above, the Deputy Governorship position has lost its appeal, and occupants are mostly considered as “spare tyres”. A deputy governor in Oyo state, particularly in the last dispensation, can not even influence a simple road maintenance project in his constituency, much less full construction. Hence, the office has lost its glamour.

However let’s see into the personality of the Oyo state deputy governor, Engineer Raufu Olaniyan. He belongs to the elite crop that could be tagged as star public servants with 26 meritorious years of active public service before retiring as a Permanent Secretary. The University of Nsukka-trained engineer was the pioneer General Manager of Oyo state Road Maintenance Agency. He is a notable public servant who had the privilege of working closely with not a few governors in the state while in service. He is a welfarist and a humanitarian to the core.

As an Engineer, he received extensive training within and outside the country and held important positions while in service such as the Deputy Director ( Rural Roads and Infrastructure), Director of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure, office of the Governor of Oyo state. He was also Superintendent Engineer, Ministry of Works and Transport, Oyo state, in charge of roads in Ibadan municipality and environs. The man Olaniyan left an indelible impression while in the public service of Oyo state. He is one of the very few who knows Oyo state inside out. Hence, I make bold to say Engr Rauf Olaniyan is highly experienced.

But why has Gov Makinde not allow his running mate to unleash his experience since they assume office, to the benefit of the state? A look at his background and antecedent indicates that the deputy governor has held several posts where decisions has been made in behalf of the state government.

If there is no fight, let your deputy work and commit to him responsibilities that will highlight his talents and potentials.

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