Covid-19: Ogbomosho South chairman, Oyeniyi Oyedokun distribute more than 1000 food palliatives

As the lockdown on Coronavirus continues to linger in Nigeria, different stakeholders are trying to work harder to make sure that despite the the fact that people are meant to stay at home, the people also deserve some palliative measures to give them a succour.

Seyi Makinde led administration in Oyo state, has been one of the leading states at the forefront of the war against this ravaging epidemic, different structures in the State are trying to compliment the good work of the State Government to make sure that the lockdown doesn’t have devastating effects on the people.

One of the stakeholders that have shown adequate concern to the welfare of his people is the Caretaker Chairman of Ogbomoso South Local Goverment, Oyeniyi Oyedokun Timothy popularly known as OOT who has given considerable thought to the plight of the people of his Local Government.

The Chairman on Thursday distributed more than 1000 food packs for the people of his local Government in complimentary with other activities he has been doing, he engaged in series of sensitization campaigns and distribution of preventive kits to the people. OOT also reiterated his commitments to make sure that people are not felling the pressure of home staying.

While sharing the materials, the most vulnerable among the people were considered, the leadership of Christians, Muslims and Party were all consulted in the distribution of the materials to make sure the people that need helps actually get it.

One of the beneficiaries of this laudable programme said that “the Chairman has brought succour to the people of Local Government, he campaigned vigorously against Coronavirus, he shared different materials that could be used to prevent the virus, and today, he is sharing relief materials, we pray that God Almighty will protect him for us”.

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