Covid-19: Ogbomosho residents show their displeasure at the way some people are sharing their relief packages.

With Oyo state currently on business lockdown, due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, as the government tries to curb the spread of the virus in the country wealthy Nigerians and politicians are donating food and relief items to the public.

A lot of philanthropist and politicians have rolled out several relief packages. While some has meet up to expectations and shared the stimulus to those at the downstream end, some has turned it to political advertisement.

The distribution of the stimulus packages in Ogbomoso has not only eluded many residents, it has also increased the burden of others who had expectations of receiving the packages.

During monitoring of the stay-at-home order, ROUNDOYO ‘ reporter witnessed clusters of people discussing various emergency food package and how it has been distributed with the way the those giving it out are selecting their target and the way they are being reported by the media.

By the time of filing this report it would be of essence to mention notable names of people who have generously donated to their respective community in Ogbomoso land. The first person to blaze the trail is Engr Muftau Open Salawu who donated food items worth N3 million naira, 100 bags of rice, 100 bags of Semovita and 100 cartoon of indomie which he handed over to monarchs in three local government to give to the vulnerables through the community development association.

Followed by Senator Abdulfatai Omotayo Buhari, Senator representing Oyo North senatorial district. He donated 600 bags of rice and 1500 bags of Semovita to 13 local government in his senatorial district which was handed over to religious leaders and market women.

Also the Minister for youth and Sports development, Mr Sunday Dare team went from house to house to deliver their own relief packages. Notables among the donors also are Chief Pekun Olaleye Armstrong, Elder Matthew Abioye,Hon Abiola Oyadiran, Hon Sanjo Adedoyin majority leader Oyo state house of assembly, The Masters Place (church) among others.

However residents of Ogbomosho have shown their displeasure at the way some people are sharing their relief packages.

Meanwhile our reporter also went round some of the centres where these stimulus packages are being shared and a lot of people showed their displeasure to the process of selecting their target.

“They are sharing their food packages to party chairmen, party excos and leaders, party members and others,” a resident of Ogbomoso North local government said bitterly at the house of Hon Temilola Adibi, chairman Oyo state signage and advertisement agency.

Another resident who declined giving her name said she was joyous when she heard that food packages and cash giveaways will be distributed by Hon Akinwale Solomon Wolekanle but was sad when she checked the envelope given to them as cash giveaways from Hon Wolekanle and she met N1000.

“Despite all media announcements we were given a envelope well packaged envelope of N1000 as relief package and they were shouting they gave out relief items can the N1000 wolekanle gave to us aggravate our sufferings”.

Also a lot of politicians also display their relief packages but they can’t be attested to by those living in their community instance of what people call social media relief materials that do not reach the people.

Meanwhile among religious organizations that has showed that they don’t receive only is the Master’s place church who gave out food items to its members and the public during this period. We will urge other religions institutions to also do the same by practicing what they are preaching.

Mode of distribution

This should not be an era of political advertisement as the pandemic effect will not consider political affiliations. If truly we want to give let’s find out measures in how these relief materials can get to the vulnerable who need it most. Politics should be shun when distributing these materials and what Will be distributed also should be meaningful don’t target number of people but target the impact. Let’s also stop the distribution of the stimulus package that van be attested to only in the media and not done in real life.

However our advice to the rich among us is to come out to assist the people directly. Allah says in the Qur’an that He raised some people higher than others, so this is the time they can give out charity to our people . Those who have should bring it out for people to support the efforts of the government.

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