INTERVIEW: Our foundation will reform, restructure and rebuild the broken walls of the society-Onirese Foundation.

Onirese House foundation is a non-govermental,non-profit organisation founded by Dr Paul Ajagbe to help the less privileged in the society.

In this interview with Oluwafemi Ajiboye of ROUNDOYO, he, the publicity secretary and President of the foundation speaks on the activities of the Foundation, how it has been assisting in tackling development challenges in Nigeria.

Also during the interview, the President of the Foundation, Com Sodiq Ayobami, an accountant reveled that Nigeria is the place where people suffer most earth.

Roundoyo-Can we know you and your position in the foundation and briefly tell us about Onirese House Foundation?

Publicity secretary – My name is Comrade Adewuyi Adeolu Caleb and by the grace of God am the publicity secretary of Onirese House Foundation which am a founding member. About the history, going down the memory lane, the historical background of Onirese house foundation started in October 2019, at the sitting room of the convener where the idea of starting the foundation came out.

Roundoyo-How did you all came together to form the foundation?

Publicity Secretary – Actually four of us who are from different fields came out of a group called like minds initiative group. Four of us who had the same idea, so that’s how we formed the group and the idea we had was that what God has given to us as individual how can we come together make it one and give back to our society, the founder is going to lay more emphasis it.

Roundoyo-Most foundations only make impacts for a certain period of time, how many years so you plan of operating the foundation?

Publicity secretary – If you want to talk about the life span, let’s even leave the foundation aside and move to organisations that have been in existence for long in our society, if it’s that kind of impression they had when they started, they would not reach where they are today. We did not have any stipulated number of years to operate, and so far the earth is still in existence we hope the foundation won’t go down.

Roundoyo- What are the core objectives of the foundation?

Publicity secretary – I would only list them the founder will shed More light on it (1) Onirese health scheme (2) Onirese Empowerment hut (3) Onirese media concept (4) Onirese Sport academy (5) Onirese Educational consult.

RoundOyo – Where did the idea of having a foundation like this is birth from?

Founder – Ideally, I and my pairs from like minds initiative group, we are more than four in the group, but i shortlisted four out of the group, those that have the same view like mine i called them together to let us unite the idea of having the foundation from the group, the foundation was named by the publicity secretary, Com Adewuyi Adeolu, who named the foundation, the third person is Com Ayodeji David who is the permanent secretary Board of trustees and national executive council and Barrister Ogunleke, that’s all of us who had similar ideology.

Roundoyo – With your recent free health care in Ogo Oluwa LG, how will you describe public health in Oyo state?

Founder – Not only in Oyo state, in Nigeria public health care is zero, our governments are not facilitating as required and that’s why Onirese have a firmament intention of embarking on the free health care especially to the rural dwellers within Ogbomosho and it’s environs to start with.

Although the governments are trying but the healthcare is not available 24hours and also some of the personnels being posted to the rural areas are not qualified as they don’t have the technical know how of the intent medical practice of rural areas. We have ways of dealing with rural dwellers which is quite different from how you will deal with those in urban.

Roundoyo – What are the challenges you have faced so far?

Founder – Some of the challenges we’ve faced so far is how to get information across to rural dwellers for instance after several media announcements on our free healthcare in Ogo Oluwa LG, we still went around on the day of the programme with megaphones to summon the people, also we had to wait till 2pm when most of them returned from their farms when we had an earlier plan of 8am to 4pm. Apart from Ajaawa in Ogo Oluwa LG, we went to Elesun Adeosun in Orire LG.

Roundoyo – Who are your sponsors, or as organisations or individuals show up to assist the foundation?

Founder – We have not received money from anyone, me as the founder, i decided that until a certain time i would shoulder all the financial responsibilities of the foundation and for all the programs we’ve done so far i have not received a penny from anyone. Talking of Organisations a company called Harve were the only one who gave us HIV kits during one of our programmes.

RoundOyo – At the inauguration of the foundation during your speech, you said the foundation will reform, restructure and rebuild the broken walls of the society, what do you mean by the broken walls?

Founder – See i thank God my brother me and you are not suffering, we have some people at the downstream of the ladder who are really suffering and some people have taken the ladder away so there is no way they can climb up these are those we are ready to help, if there is no ladder we are ready to trow ropes to them to bring them up. Someone who has not eaten since morning can he go to the hospital or pay school fees it’s impossible.

Roundoyo – So how did you intend to start the re-building process?

Founder – We already have our pillars laid down and headed by someone like health headed by me, Dr Paul Ajagbe, Onirese Sport academy headed by Mr Salami Segun where we help youths who are into sport, the third pillar is Onirese Educational consult led by Comrade Ayodele David where will give out free tutorials, guide and counsel etc fourth pillar is Onirese Empowerment hub led by Comrade Ogunleke Niyi and Onirese Media led by Comrade Adewuyi Adeolu.

But i will like to tell people that we won’t give out money but we will address problems.

Roundoyo-How will you describe the recent imbroglio between the Oyo State government and the APC led ALGON?

President-The case is very pathetic and a clear indication of the backwardness of democracy because democracy should not be in a violent format. It has to be all about progress but it has came to a violent format, it has to be all about progress and will of the people. We should not force ourselves on the people as political position should not be a do or die affair, but reverse is the case because those who are there are there for their self interest if they are for the people it’s the masses who suppose to pick them. So the case of what we have in Oyo state is a typical example of what we have in Nigeria because this people are forcing themselves on the masses.

We don’t need to fight anyone, you might be my brother and we have different political ideology and association doesn’t means the next step is for us to fight. We the followers are the problem, I see them to be shallow in thinking, because these people they are fighting on their behalf know where they use to meet for instance Otunba Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala and Sen Teslim Folarin case in 2011 led to the death of Eleweomo but today Akala and Folarin are sitting, dinning and winning together. So we followers are the problem it’s not really our leaders.

Roundoyo-Talking about the leadership position in the foundation, do you have the plan of rotating the positions or it is a permanent structure?

President-No, see I use to say that no one is indispensable in this world, nobody. for example during the Obama administration in the United States of America, everyone saw his administration has been excellent but now Obama is no more at the White House and America is still existing, so no one is indispensable the position is open to anybody it’s not a permanent structure, the only one’s that are permanent are the BOT others are there for two years.

How has it been easy for you coping with the work of the foundation been an accountant?

See, the nature of my job should not be an excuse, so far am in, i must perform my responsibilities, if i have any excuse then i should vacate this position.

Also another reason i have to create time is that my will is to help build a better society in which it’s part of what the founder place on the table because if we look at it, Nigeria is not only one of the most poorest country in the world, but the only country where people suffer most in earth, a place where people eat N10 pap and N20 beanscake for a day, what’s that ratio to a dollar? So we have to contribute our own quota and make history.

Roundoyo-Before the end of your two year tenure what do you plan of achieving?

President-Before the end of my administration, I wish the foundation would have began operating nationally.

Roundoyo-What are the criteria to be a member of Onirese House Foundation or it’s not open?

President-It’s not open, and it’s not closed, the reason is that it’s not a foundation that you just say i want to become a member or i have money let me come in, it’s just for people who has what it takes to change the society positively. Those who want to join or have more enquires can come to the foundation secretariat at Owoolaake in Ogbomoso.

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