Obaseki angry over Oshiomhole’s ‘stubbornness’ threatens to deal with him

The rift between Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki and his predecessor, Adams Oshiomhole continues to worsen by the day.

The latest event is the governor’s vow to deal with Oshiomhole, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for his alleged stubbornness.

The governor had since banned all rallies in the state, an order Oshiomhole was said to have been violating.

Speaking with 18 APC local government chairmen in the state on Wednesday, the angry governor was quoted to have said he was going to let Oshiomhole know he is the governor of Edo State and in charge.

“I am the governor of Edo State. If anyone comes to your ward or local government to do things outside what the party has agreed, I hereby authorise you to deal with that person seriously.

“We are warning the suspended national chairman. If he continues his activities in Edo State, I will show him that I am the governor of the state.

“When he was the governor, he will never tolerate a fraction of the misdemeanour and misbehaviour he is undertaking today. I have declared that if Oshiomhole comes to Edo State to say he wants to disrupt the activities of the state and the party, we will deal with him the way we know how best to do it.

“Oshiomhole stands suspended from the party. In due course, we will expel him if he does not behave. The party does not belong to him; it belongs to all of us. We are following the wish of our people.

“Our next step is to make sure we convince more people to join our party so that all of us can move this state to the next level,” the governor was quoted as saying.

Obaseki was also said to have regretted that the state’s APC made the mistake of allowing Oshiomhole climb to his current status without the proper understating of his real personality.

“This is not a party man. Look at the dump he kept the party as a secretariat. With all the resources we had, he could not support the party until the landlord evicted us.

“You are governor or chairman based on the platform that elevated you. That is why I looked for one of the most beautiful buildings along Airport Road and said this is the secretariat of the party,” Obaseki added.

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