Most of the programs Ajimobi initiated are not people oriented – Barr Obisesan

Barr Lowo Obisesan, chairman of the All Progressives Congress,APC, reconciliatory committee in Oyo State, otherwise known as the APC Reformer, has revealed that he and former governor Abiola Ajimobi are not in talking terms.

Barr Obisesan, was a commissioner for environment during the first term administration of Sen Ajimobi.

In an interview with The Nation in Lagos, he spoke about his efforts to reconcile all the aggrieved members of the party.

“We have not really been in talking terms in recent time. This was the man I believe I did all I could to make sure he won election during his first term as a governor, but he turned his back on me later.

“We were having a serious problem when he became the governor in 2011 because the PDP wanted to chase us out, as a result of the fuel scarcity.

“I was the one that proffered solution to the crises. After that, he called and said he could hardly forget me. He appointed me as a commissioner but later,he almost sent me to jail.

“That was why everybody is praying to have leaders like Tinubu, because of his generosity. He appoints people to offices without knowing their parents.

“The mistake we shouldn’t make again is that anytime we want to elect someone as governor, such a person must be a politician. We shouldn’t elect a technocrat again.

“Such person should not also be a greedy and selfish person. That was the mistake we made in the past that led us to the calamity we are into right now.”

This is just as Obisesan, who is a lawyer, said that he is a progressive to the core, adding that “I have been a progressive all my life. Let me say this, when you are in a party with wicked people and you don’t want to soil your name, the best thing is to step out.

“Secondly, we all contributed to the victory of the person that was making life difficult for us. He was behaving like a school principal, forgetting that politics is not like that.

Most of the programmes he initiated were not embarked upon in the interest of the people, and that was why I decided to join another progressive party, the Labour Party.

“Immediately we discovered that he has lost his senatorial election, we decided to come back to the party to savage it.

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