Christmas: Engr Muftau Open Salawu charges Christians to pray for Nigeria and its leaders.

Engr Muftau Open Salawu has urged Christians to pray for the nation’s leaders and the country to overcome its numerous challenges.

Muftau said in a Christmas message to Nigerians that they should use this period to seek God‘s mercy so He can guide our leaders so that their doings will bring comfort and peace to the country.

The Ogbomosho born civil engineer added that, as Christians all over the world marks the birthday anniversary of Jesus Christ, there is no better time to seek God’s intervention than this period.

According to him, “Yuletide time like this is therefore very auspicious for Nigerians to bury their political, ethnic and religious differences and go on their knees to seek God’s face in the country’s challenges and pray for it’s leaders”.

Engr Muftau added that true Christianity entailed showing love and sacrifice to one’s neighbours like the Biblical Good Samaritan. Emphasising that doing so would make a difference in the lives of fellow human beings, as exemplified by Jesus Christ.

He therefore urged Christians especially those in Ogbomosho and it’s environs to use the period to show love to one another and build on those things that unite rather than what divides us.

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